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Foreskin Retraction Using Erection Exercises

Hands free foreskin retraction as I pump my penis up to make it swell - contracting my erection muscle. The extra blood I pump in momentarily to my penis by contracting these muscles causes girth and length increases just enough to cause foreskin to roll back over the glans.
This is a great way to enjoy exercising our erection muscles (aka pelvic floor muscles) - with added sensation of foreskin movement.
As I use the erection muscles - Ischiocavernosus to pump blood in to my penis - not enough contractions  to give me a real hard erection - but just enough to get the foreskin to roll back.One point to note - our foreskins are all different - yours may or may not behave in this way. Often when I get an erection my foreskin wont retract on its own - but due to the force of contraction I use here in short bursts - the foreskin is caused to move back and forth - just enough to encourage it to roll back! However this has taken me a little practice - both to get the force of contraction requ…
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Real Life Penis Anatomy | Bulbospongiosus for Harder, Bigger Glans

Bulbospongiosus muscle, in the male perineum, pushes blood into the spongiosum and the glans, plus expels semen. So if you want a bigger penis head and want to shoot further - this is the muscle you need to know about.

The Bulbospongiosus muscle (in perineum, between anus and scrotum) ........attaches to the spongiosum (lower chamber in penis) attaches to the glans 0r cock head (helmet)

In the video below  - I show you my -  bulbospongiosus. If you want to see it contracting when ejaculating there is a link at the bottom of the page.

Strengthening the muscles in the male pelvic floor - perineum can also give a Mushroom Head appearance. 

When erect.....and the bulbospongiosus contracts,  blood is forced into the spongiosum - lower chamber of penis and the glans - meaning the stronger the muscle the more blood it can push into your glans and the bigger it will be.How to strengthen this muscle The video course at will show you how to strengthen this muscle so that you gain a b…

Real Life Penis Anatomy - Foreskin retraction with Erection Hands Free

Here I show how the foreskin retracts as the penis erects, but wanted to show it hands free so you knew I was not pulling the foreskin back with my hand. However to gain an erection hands free - whilst in front of camera is not the easiest thing to do - so I practice what I preach and use the erection exercise.This involves contracting our erection muscle to pump blood into the penis - this is what makes it rise up momentarily. Then the sensations build and arousal can start, which combined with the erection muscle continually pumping the penis up - a hands free erection occurs - not a strong one but it's enough to get the foreskin back which was the goal .This video demonstrates both the hands free erection and foreskin retraction so that you can see what happens. However if you have a tight foreskin it may need some encouragement - mine did! It never use to come back very easily but with a bit of gentle manipulation in teenage years it was sorted. However it took me to get to pu…

The Foreskin Masturbation (glove if circumcised) Erection Exercise

The foreskin masturbation for uncut guys, or if circumcised (the glove just one alternative) - stimulating the Ischiocavernosus to contract - giving it a great workout...... strengthening it - meaning harder erections for longer - in the future!

Why does this work..The Ischiocavernosus is a pelvic floor muscle - attached to the penis. Its job is to make the penis more rigid - by pushing extra blood into it.
Why does the foreskin/glove masturbation help erection hardness...This way this is done can initiate a reflex response that stimulates all our pelvic floor muscles to contract - meaning its a great exercise to do for erection quality!  Interested to gain a Harder erection - all from masturbating! A quick video explanation is here!

Masturbation - Is a Quick W__k Good?

Think of masturbation as a valuable and enjoyable training session for our long term sexual fitness.
If we don't use it we lose it – well that is so true for all durations of masturbation sessions. An hour long masturbation session is the equivalent of a 10k run. The quick wank can be compared to doing a few squats in the gym. Both are good to do as I discuss in Bro Time – for our overall sexual fitness. And both are good to do, to stimulate our mind - especially our sexual mind!Know that the quick wank is a great workout for your erection, keeping the blood flowing, the tissues dilated, the erection muscle strong and a great boost to testosterone levels as well as cleansing our body – keeping the plumbing pristine – plus also honouring our maleness and feeling more sexual than we did before.What's not to like about the quick wank.- it honours our male sexuality - that is what we're made to do - ejaculate!...just remember everything in moderation though we also need the lon…

Edging + Masturbation = Wild Sex

You know what it's like when we masturbate, sometimes just need a release - but other times we're up for really wild sex...
...well in those times edging makes it so wild - that sex for one is the very best sex of all! Almost seeming as if sex with another person couldn't come close, (as coming up in BroTime), because that other person doesn't know what's going on in our body and mind - so they don't know when to calm stimulation down or ramp it up for max effects.
When we are masturbating as advocates, and really horny, the temptation can be to just cum, but if we condition our mind to be in ti for the long haul, we can get to a point where we want to continue edging - delaying ejaculation to keep us in the trance like state that edging can provide....
..where the erotic, horny feelings can be so overwhelming that we need to cum because we cannot take any more pleasure - our body shaking with tremors of excitement and dry orgasm after dry orgasm as…

Edging | Ultimate Exercise Workout for Penis Health & Harder Erections

Here's why an edging masturbation session - should (in my opinion as be viewed as a healthy exercise workout.
... edging is perhaps like a wonder drug!
Edging (what is edging) actually strengthens the different body systems that help produce hard, strong erections - improving:
erection muscle strengthtestosterone profilepenile blood flowpsychological aspects of erection process Here' why edging helps...
Erection Muscle Strength
You can see here the effect that stopping ejaculation has. The penis moves up and down - getting  momentarily harder as the muscles to stop ejaculation are contracted. The more we do this the stronger the muscles - meaning the penis will not just be harder for a short time, but all the time that it is erected for.
When we contract the muscles to stop feelings of ejaculation we are contracting the pelvic floor muscles - particularly the Ischiocavernosus. The more this muscle is contracted the stronger it will become.  This is important as the so…